Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

Outfit of the Day # Croatia

Hey guys!

Heute hab ich für Euch ein Outfit, welches für kühlere Tage im Sommer gut geeignet ist. Besonders gefällt mir, dass die Farben hell sind. Weiße Hosen sind einfach toll. Wenn es sonnig ist, kann man eine kurzärmlige Bluse tragen und wenn es regnet einen Pullover oder ein Hemd. 

Today I have an outfit for some cooler days in the summer. I love the bright colors. White trousers are amazing in the summer time. If it is worm you can take a blouse and if it is cold you can wear a pullover.

The photos were shot in Croatia ( Krk - Punat ).

xx Patty

Pullover by H&M
Shirt by Aeropostale
Trousers by Zara
Shoes by Converse
Nail varnish by Flormar

Delicious Food:


  1. you look really nice and great photo;)

  2. Great jumper!!!

  3. Que bonito es el jersey! besos

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  5. The food looks fantastic hun, I like how you styled your denim shirt with a knitted sweater over, cute layering. Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Lovely :)
    Hope you had an amazing weekend


  7. Cute outfit! These pictures are amazing! Love them! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

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  8. colors of your hair <3 !
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    Edina Kamila

  9. Love your outfit. I really need to get myself a pair of white jeans. I can't believe I still don't own a pair.

    Jessica @

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  11. What an absolutely fabulous outfit post! I'm LOVING that sweater so much!
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  12. Love ur hair&nails!
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